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AOK stands for Acts of Kindness, a non-profit, non-denominational community organization formed in 2002 and dedicated to feeding the homeless, caring for the emotional needs of the sick and elderly, supporting animal shelters and assisting with medical and funeral needs for those in need.
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Everyone on staff is a volunteer, doing and contributing as much as their time and energy allow. Look inside our newsletter and you’ll see us giving gifts at a nursing home, helping a shelter for the homeless, on the receiving end of generous gifts, small and large, from friends who think like we do.
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Put simply: We do good work.

If you believe in doing good, maybe you can help too. If you can, send a donation to A.O.K., P.O. Box 29182, Providence, RI 02909. For your tax records, we will follow up with a letter recognizing your contribution.

...or you can make a donation today!
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Doing good should know no bounds. With your help it can be limitless.

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