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Feeding the Hungry...

AOK donated 300 pounds of food and $200 in cash to St. Anthony’s House in Providence where it will be used to feed the hungry and make the upcoming holidays easier for the needy.

St. Anthony’s House is a non-profit agency at 252 Rhodes Street, and has been in operation since the day after Christmas, 1988. Located in a house that strives to continue a home-like atmosphere, St. Anthony’s House has about 100 visitors a day.

St. Anthony’s House has no grants or government funding, and exists solely because of benefactors like AOK. “As long as we have money we’ll keep going,” says Corsetti.

Helping those in Need...

AOK and its members donate numerous hours assisting those in need, whether it be getting groceries and doing routine chores for someone who is disabled, or helping out with unexpected expenses required of those who can least afford them.

Whether it's the payment of a bill, a donation of food, a friendly visit with the elderly in a nursing home, or a bouquet of flowers for someone in the hospital with no family to support or visit them - AOK tries to do those little things that can make all the difference in the world.

Supporting Animal Shelters...

Members and freinds of AOK donated items and their time to host a yard sale in Providence with the benefits going to the Veterinary Services of Wickford.

The Veterinary Services of Wickford recently took in several injured birds taken there by AOK members. Several other area no-kill animal shelters in the area will also share in the proceeds.
Assisting with Environmental issues...

AOK was the primary sponsor for Jill DeLeo of Wakefield in the annual Save the Bay swim.

Save the Bay is a local non-profit organization dedicated to protecting Narragansett Bay by sponsoring various fundraising events throughout the year. The nature of their programs range from education to clean-up efforts.

Small deeds, like drops of rain - create great rivers of kindness

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